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Help Preserve the Environment in Your Community

Seize the Day. Volunteer Outdoors

Microvolunteering and virtual volunteering have enabled millions of volunteers to make a difference from the comfort of their own home. Here are a few ideas to kick-start your outdoor inspiration.

Make recycling more rewarding

Going green no longer means driving a bag of cans miles away to a facility, and inserting them, one-by-one, into a large machine. Today, there are many simple, easy and effective ways you can divert trash from landfills and decrease the consumption of new materials.

Let’s Take Out the Trash

Even the cleanest neighborhoods and communities have the occasional litterbug. You can make your town cleaner, while inspiring your neighbors to do the same.

Let's Clean This Place Up

You might not be willing to commit to a manual push mower or a 20-mile bike ride to work, but there are plenty of simple ways you can Create the Good in your community that will make it healthier for all of us who call Earth home.

Answer the Call of the Wild

Helping track and care for wildlife in both urban and rural areas of the U.S. is vital to a thriving ecosystem. And it doesn't take a huge sacrifice to make a big difference.

Go Green, Do Good

Start a community garden, choose to ride the bus, help clean a river. When you get out and get green, the earth will pay us all back generously for generations to come.

National Park Service

Experience the great outdoors and stay active by volunteering at one of America's 400 National Parks.

Volunteer Opportunities in Your Area

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Guide to Going Green

Start your own project with one of our easy project guides.

Clean Up a River!

Easy Ways to Help Others Go Green

Start - Or - Join A Community Garden!