Project for Easy Ways to Help Others Go Green


Going green is that rare chance to do something for yourself that also benefits your neighbors, your community, your children, grandchildren, and the rest of the world. This isn’t about trying to save the planet with huge actions. It's about lots of people doing small things that all add up to make our world cleaner, greener and healthier. Planet Earth has given us a lot – from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the bounty of the oceans, rivers, mountains and fields. With simple steps, we can collectively return those favors.

The Problem

The Earth has limited resources. With an ever-increasing population, we are using those resources at a staggering rate. Plus, some of the waste we generate pollutes our waterways, air and land, which can harm our health, and our natural surroundings.

The Solution

Each of us has the opportunity to help our planet by remembering to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” You can lead a cleanup of a river, beach or park in honor of Earth Day; use reusable shopping bags; or start a recycling project at work. Whether you like small projects or big ones, physical work or more brainy tasksthere’s a bunch of ways for you to help others go green.

Time Commitment

Tasks can range from as little as 15 minutes (to help a neighbor replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones) to numerous days - for example, to plan and lead a river cleanup.

Special Considerations


Who can do this?

Everyone can go green!

Great Reasons to do this Project

  • Creating a healthier planet for current and future generations.
  • Using fewer resources helps lower America’s reliance on foreign energyand that helps our country in many ways.
  • Living greener helps clean upand preserveour treasured natural environment.
  • Doing green projects with family, friends and neighbors strengthens the bonds that make a vibrant community.
  • Involving your children and grandchildren in green projects enables you to teachand learn fromfuture generations.