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Ideas for Helping Your Community

5 Ways to Make Your Community More Livable

Check out these ideas for making your streets safer and more walkable, helping neighbors live comfortably and independently, and much more.

Giving from the Heart Pays Back in Spades

As a volunteer, you not only have the opportunity to improve your community. there are also multiple benefits you can receive in return.

Turn Houses Into Homes

Volunteering to make new neighbors welcome can benefit the entire community.

Change a Life with Your Fingertips

Make a real, positive difference simply by talking or texting on your phone.

Meet the Newest Members of the Dream Team

Entrants in the 2016 Create the Good Dream Builders video contest sent in short videos with their vision for improving their community. Check out the winning submissions.

Inspire a Child. Help a Pet. Create the Good

IN the U.S. along, there are thousands of children in need of a mentor and thousands of pets in need of a stable home.

Join the Volun-tour
Learn about far off destinations with great volunteer opportunities and share your voluntourism story with our Postcards from the Tour.

Work Volunteering Into Your Week
Each new day brings an opportunity to do good. To help you fit service into your schedule, we've compiled ideas tailored to every day of the week.

Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Neighborhood
Here are a few simple ways to make a difference outside your door.

America's Next Top Volunteer Opportunity
These roles and organizations are growing fast and offer exponential opportunities to create the good.

Reach Out and Check In
Reach out to your neighbors, near and far, to show you care and strengthen your community connections.

Shared Strength: Volunteering for People with Disabilities
One of the most rewarding volunteer experiences you can have is working with people living with disabilities. Get to know this community and make a difference.

Get in the Game
Everyone's a winner when you team up to help your community! Pay it forward with our fun and easy playbook.

Every Minute Counts
Volunteer opportunities don't have to take a lot of time. You can fit service into your daily routine and make a difference in a matter of minutes.

Star Volunteer Receives the Trip of a Lifetime
Ruth Tschudin, champion for children, families and animals, is honored by Create the Good and Cabot Creamery Cooperative with a dream volunteer cruise.

Make Your Vacation a Volunteer Affair

Whether you're visiting far off locales or taking a needed staycation, there are fun and meaningful ways you can help others.

Add Service to Your Birthday Celebration
Make volunteering a part of your birthday celebration this year - and make it a special day for someone in need.

A Fresh Start Gives Your Community a Spark
Service can inspire a fresh start, give someone a new beginning or reenergize an entire community. Leave a lasting impact by doing good.

Fact of Fiction: Volunteer Edition
We set the record straight on common misconceptions.

What Gives?
Cell phones, books, glasses, cars - your non-traditional charitable gifts can make an extraordinary difference.

Keep Your Resolutions Going Strong
Don't let your resolutions fall by the wayside. Reinvigorate your promises to yourself while helping others and improving your community.

Reimagine Your Life Through Volunteering
Volunteering is a practical way to find a new passion, explore a new career path, or simply make yourself more marketable.

Create Community by Doing Good
Find others passionate about giving back. Organize a volunteer project in your neighborhood. When you connect with others in meaningful ways, you'll cultivate community as you create the good!

Volunteer Internationally
Want to see the world while lending a hand? Volunteering can be a fun way to do good.

Care for a Caregiver
Have a friend or loved one struggling with the demands of caregiving? There are many ways you can lend a hand.

Volunteer with Furry Friends
Animals are our loyal companions and sources of joy. Why not share their love the next time you do good? Volunteer at a shelter, walk a neighbor's dog or take along a furry friend to an assisted living facility—whatever you choose, animals amplify your impact.

Make Volunteering a Family Affair
Create the Good has project ideas and tips that involve the whole crew - kids and grandparents included!

Volunteer from the Comfort of Home
Don't have a car or another way to get to a volunteering site? Can't snag a sitter for young ones at home? Create the Good's got you covered.

Get Active, Get Outdoors!
Get outside and brighten our community today.

Volunteer Artfully
Music, murals, fesitvals and film: The arts offer compelling volunteer opportunities in communities nationwide.

Assist with Housing, Fight Homelessness
Everyone deserves a place to call home. From ensuring a loved one stays in their house to supporting the homeless with food drives and more, you can strengthen your community in tangible - often unexpected - ways.

5 Ways to Think Outside the Traditional Volunteer Box
When people think of "volunteering," they may envision a hospital, school or shelter. Why not step onto some less-traveled volunteer raods with our list of unusual do-good opportunities?

Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back
We've ranked some of the top motivations for volunteering in your community and beyond.

Guide to Smart(er) Giving
Before you make your next donation, do your homework. Take advantage of our quick tips to make sure your generosity is doing the most good.

Clean with Purpose
Open your pantry, clostes and drawers - and donate!

Connect to Good Wherever You Go
Turn any trip into a great volunteer opportunity. Use Create the Good to guide your next volunteering adventure.

5 Ways to Volunteer Now
Our five most popular volunteer ideas made simple.

Crafting for Good
Learn how you can give back through arts and crafts projects.

Help Feed a Family in Need
Join with friends to make a profound impact on your community and learn about the Family-to-Family program.

How to Hold a Used Book Sale
Find how you can help your local community programs by hosting a used book sale event.

Start a Women's Giving Circle
Make a great impact on a charitable organization by organizing a giving circle in your community.

Organize a Food Drive
Many community-based organizations can't meet the demand of a growing population of hungry Americans. Follow this project guide and help an organization near you.

Organize a Shredding Event
Protect your community from financial fraud with this great event.

How to Hold a Coat Drive
Help keep those who need it warm this winter. Find out how you can help.

Help Someone Access Public Benefit Programs
Educate those in your community on the financial help they can recieve once they access public benefit programs

Operation Fight Fraud
Help educate your loved ones and community on the risks of consumer fraud with this Do it Yourself guide.